Students and alumni of bilingual education

Stories of our students and alumni (graduated from BTEC) in the Netherlands.  

”I’ve always had a huge interest in working in an environment where I can combine my knowledge for business, languages and technology. My internship in Sweden has influenced the experience of this study a lot. That’s when I knew for sure, that my knowledge in business will be so valuable. What I learned during the program is an excellent foundation, and it prepared me for further education at a higher level. Above all, it was an extremely fun time!”

Angélique Huige

International Business Studies

”I have chosen IHS because it is a broad and challenging education. I really like the study related excursions which you undertake together with your classmates and teachers. In the meantime I have also developed my English, even tough, I thought my English was good, it have improved enormously. Once a teacher told me ”look for balance”, this is something I’ll never forget.”

Sander Tjepkema

ROC Friese Poort
International Hospitality

”I was looking for a solid future in my field of interest and I directly knew that this study was the best option for me to bloom in this field. I was growing so much during my study, that I have had the chance to move abroad to study, bloom and develop even further. Since I started this journey, my capability to think broad has developed a lot. Now I am able to see all the possible outcomes and/or solutions of certain situations much more.”

Kim Rai

ROC van Amsterdam
International Business

”I always saw myself as the women that will work for a large multinational, will have a lot of customer contact and will travel a lot for her work. The lady on her high heels! My highlight are the international experiences during my study at IVS, this has changed me a lot as a person. The teachers at IVS were coaches rather than teachers, that is real education to me!”

Merna Elghoray

ROC Nova College
Junior Accountmanager IVS

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