Find out what is new at the IVS Alliance

Here you can read our latest news about students following the BTEC program in the Netherlands, about our partner schools teaching different kind of BTEC programs and about our acitivities with the IVS Alliance.

This year the IVS Alliance day will be Online, on November 12th. This event will be hosted by ROC Friese Poort and is open for all BTEC teachers and schools. During this ‘day’ you can enjoy different kind of workshops. If interested don’t hesitate to contact us!
Fast tracking is bedoeld voor studenten die al wat verder zijn en bereid zijn harder te werken om te versnellen en tijd te besparen.
LmunA is an annually held youth conference that simulates the United Nations. Students from all over the world to join this event. Each participant is a delegate of a beforehand assigned country in one of the various committees.