Zadkine Rotterdam

Located in the centre of Rotterdam within an iconic building called “Technicon, Zadkine Business College offers three bilingual courses.

We offer International Business Studies which is linked to the Dutch MBO-4 diploma Commercie and students can choose the pathway Junior Accountmanager, Vestigingsmanager or Assistent Manager Internationale Handel. All pathways are linked to the BTEC Extended Diploma in Business.

Secondly we offer Business and Fashion. This programma is unique in the Netherlands and offers students the possibility to combine their business interest with creative aspects in fashion. This course is linked to the Dutch MBO 4 diploma Retailmanager.

Thirdly student can enroll in the Executive Management course. Again this is an unique diploma that trains students as office managers within international companies. This diploma is linked tot he Dutch MBO 4 diploma Management Assistant.

We take pride in the fact that entrepeneurship is on of our key focal points in ech edcation so that is why taking part within the project Student Company is a key element in each education. Furthermore we dont believe that, as an international student, English is the sole language to speak and use. A secon language choice, either Spanish or German, is mandatory for all courses.

For each student there is the option of doing their 3rd year workplacement abroad. We have a strong and well esthablished base of work placement companies within quite a few European countries.

Other specialities are Creative Portfolio and Fashion practice for our Business and Fashion students and Public Relations and events for our Executive Management Students.

At this moment we have about 375 bilingual students in total in our department.

The mantra of our department is: ‘A dream without a plan always stays a wish’

So if you have a dream we will help you to make that plan.