“The international part is what made me choose this education.”

Students from MBO Rijnland share their experiences with the BTEC course, today Anne and Edwin will share their experiences.



Hi there!

My name is Anne and I am 19 years old. I am a second-year student at mboRijnland in Leidschendam, I study International Business Studies/Junior Account Manager (BTEC). Before I started this education, I went to the United States where I did an exchange program. I learned a lot there, for example; my English has improved drastically. When I came back, I wanted to find a study that was internationally orientated within the business branch, because I would like to work internationally in the future.

So far, I am really enjoining this education. In the first year, we went on a trip to Dublin and we had to do an internship at an international company. Next year, I will go to London for 3 months where I will do my third internship. I would really recommend this study to anyone who sees themselves working within an international environment in the future.


I am a student at mboRijnland, where I study International Business/Junior Account Manager (BTEC). The education is in 2 languages: Dutch and English. The English part is for the English BTEC diploma and the Dutch part is for the Junior Account Manager diploma. My experiences so far are very good, and I really like it. The international part is what made me choose this education. All our assignments are in English, which can be a lot of work sometimes, but it is fun to do them in the end. Sometimes it is a challenge for me to get a better grade.

We went to Dublin for a school trip and, in June we will go to Malaga where will we visit several companies for our third-year internship. We are obliged to do an internship every year. We even have to do one internship abroad. When you’re abroad you can experience the feeling of working in a foreign country and you’ll learn more about their customs and their culture.

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